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We don`t do everything – but what we do,
we do with a more profound expertise than many others.


We make sustainability concrete, transparent, measurable – and profitable


We are part of the first generation in which technological change is taking place at an exponential rate.




Drive the future with value based leadership!




Despite the digital progress: Most buyers decisions are still made by people, not machines.



Entrepreneurial talk: “Leadership 4.0 – how an innovative leadership culture creates a long-term entrepreneurial competitive advantage”.

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"Sustainable success requires that it occurs equally at all levels and with all stakeholders involved."  

“The difficulty lies not so much in the new thoughts as in the liberation from the old.” – These words of John Maynard Keynes are still valid today. Nothing is more difficult than letting go of the usual. But if you want to promote innovation, you have to create a culture which enables creative freedom.

Our company name is our legacy

Lebenswerk Consulting Group

Our passion is for people and their work. What really drives our clients and us in working life are not material incentives, but the desire for value creation benefitting the current and future generation!

Each of us would like to make a long-lasting contribution that is seen and appreciated by others – our personal life’s work.

We support companies with this conviction in mind. Your company as well! Our goal is to shape change together with you and at the same time keep traditional values alive.

Humans and companies

What makes individuals strong and successful also applies to companies.

What makes individuals strong and successful also applies to companies.

Positive human characteristics and values also make companies strong and successful in competition if they are applied and implemented correctly. Determination, responsibility, quality focus and consistency – to name just a few – can also be used for sustainable success in an organisational structure, both internally and externally.

Less complexity

It doesn`t always have to be complicated

In the digital age, inter-relationships and dependencies are becoming increasingly complex – often described as “VUCA” (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous). This makes it all the more important to remain simple and clear about your own actions and behaviour. We are not looking for the superficially impressive solutions.

Rather, when implementing new ideas, they must remain easy to use and clearly understandable for everyone, because this ensures a much higher level of acceptance.

Seven-digit increase in gross profit within less than 12 months – without extra spend on additional resources 

Seals Sales Program

Imagine that you could save 30 to 40 percent of your overhead costs in sales, without diminishing anything in your sales revenue – whether existing or new. Plus, with a contrary effect: Revenue would even increase significantly!

Too good to be true? Extremely difficult to implement? Is that what you‘re thinking right now

The answer in both cases is ‘no‘!


    What other think about us 

    „Alexander Nowroth arbeitet sich tief ein und liefert maßgeschneiderte Vertriebslösungen, die sein hohes Produkt- und Prozessverständnis zeigen. Mit innovativen Denkanstößen, die über die einzelne Problemstellung hinausgehen, brachte er außerdem entscheidende Impulse für weitere Verbesserungen ein. Die Zusammenarbeit mit LEBENSWERK war und ist somit ein voller Erfolg für uns – wir empfehlen LEBENSWERK uneingeschränkt weiter.“
    David Penschek
    Site Manager,
    Imperial Chemical Logistics GmbH
    „Ich habe vor kurzem mit Alexander Nowroth zusammengearbeitet und in dieser Zeit schätzte ich seinen ansteckenden Enthusiasmus, der bei der Konzeption und Umsetzung der Vertriebsstrategie half. Mit seinem externen Blick und Vision stellte er konstruktiv unseren „Status quo“ in Frage.“
    General Manager,
    Bonfiglioli Mechatronic & Motion Systems
    „Als Co-Dozent für das Thema ‚Vertrieb‘ liefert Herr Nowroth den Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmern unseres Executive MBA-Studiengangs spannende Einblicke in die Vertriebspraxis und bietet schnell anwendbare Tools zu Optimierung des Verkaufserfolgs.“
    Thomas Demmer
    Siegen Business School

    Voices who Should know 

    Alexander Nowroth works himself straight into the topics and delivers tailor-made sales solutions which reflect his deep industry and process knowhow. His innovative thoughts going beyond particular issues to be solved gave decisive impulses for further improvements. The cooperation with LEBENSWERK was and is a great success for us and we highly recommend LEBENSWERK.
    David Penschek
    Site Manager,
    Imperial Chemical Logistics GmbH
    We highly appreciate our co-operation with Alexander from LEBENSWERK CONSULTING, as his work in complex tasks such as freight management helped us significantly. With the support of LEBENSWERK CONSULTING during the entire tender management process covering different traffic modes, we have generated substantial cost savings which would have not been possible without their support. In a specific project, finalised within the shortest possible time frame, we generated 10 % annual cost savings on the entire freight volume. In addition, we generated further improvements in terms of quality and reliability of the supply chain. We especially appreciate the open, co-operative and friendly work attitude and recommend LEBENSWERK CONSULTING without reservation.
    Category Purchasing Manager Transportation CE Saint-Gobain Central Europe
    As a co-lecturer in sales, Mr.Nowroth provides the participants in our Executive MBA program with exciting insights into sales practice and offers quickly applicable tools to boost sales success.
    Thomas Demmer
    Siegen Business School
    I had the chance to work with Alexander Nowroth very recently and during this period, I appreciated his contagious enthusiasm that helped deploying the sales strategy design and deployment. Coming with an external vision and a different environment helped ‘shaking the trees’.
    General Manager,
    Bonfiglioli Mechatronic & Motion Systems
    Lebenswerk Consulting has developed solutions to complex problems in the areas of logistics and order processes in several projects, which we implemented immediately. In addition to the immediate reduction of logistics and process costs, we have achieved long-term improvements in quality and reliability. In addition, Lebenswerk Consulting accompanied us in an innovation project and showed us how we can improve our competitive position and thus better master the complex challenges of our time successfully. We recommend Lebenswerk Consulting Group unreservedly.
    Geschäftsführer HANSA nord Baustoff Vertriebs-GmbH & Co. KG
    We thank Alexander Nowroth from “Lebenswerk” for his fantastic presentation in regards to modern motivation factors and team spirit. We in Schaeffler Australia are working on a transformation of our team to avoid hygienic motivation factors like title, car or single office into a modern motivation like individuality, creativity and individual fulfilment . Alexander was presenting to our team the importance between modern motivation factors and business success in relation to personal satisfaction. Our team was highly interested in this topic and starts changing their way of thinking. We have gained a better level of passion for the individual team members. We can strongly recommend Lebenswerk for everyone who is looking for a transformation of their organization to achieve agility and a highly business focused as well as motivated team.
    André Kluge
    Managing Director,
    Schaeffler Australia Ltd.
    Logo Cargo Partner
    The cooperation with Lebenswerk over the past 12 months has been a full success. Mr. Nowroth has comprehensively supported us in realigning our sales activities and creating efficient new structures. We particularly benefited from the well-rounded sales trainings. We can wholeheartedly recommend Lebenswerk Consulting.
    Sebastian Perk
    Director Business Development
    Who we are?

    Our promise to our clients  

    Good intentions are only worth as much as the effort put into their implementation. That is why we will devote our time and all our energy to achieving the agreed goals in the best possible way. The responsibility towards our customers to make them more successful is our top priority!

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